Cooking Class

cooking class in fez,  morocco



Moroccan Cuisine and culinary specialties , Cooking Class in Fez.

Moroccan cuisine is delicious and the Fez is especially so.

Tasting the dishes, enjoy mixtures between fruits and vegetables all grémenté a delicate refinement.

Be enchanted by the traditional Moroccan cuisine.

Expertly spicy Moroccan recipes make your taste buds travel to the Maghreb time of a meal.

Traditional tagine, couscous royal, gazelle horns, bricks meat, orange salad with cinnamon …

The cuisine of Morocco to your table, thanks to the easy course of our cooks.

Become the Choumicha family playing with spices, semolina and other delights of Moroccan cuisine.

An opportunity to highlight the wonderful tagine offered by stepmother and let a second chance at your couscous who waited too long on the shelf bottom.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the courses of Moroccan cuisine