Fez To Taza

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From Fez to Taza

Departure from Fez to Taza.

Visit the medina: Taza is a city in northern Morocco, which occupies the corridor between the Rif mountains and Middle Atlas mountains.

Visit the old medina of Taza and its historical monuments :

  • Drouj Bab Jemâa.
  • Sour Moulawlab.
  • Al machwar.
  • Jamâa lkbir.
  • Sour Bab Rih.

Visit to the Cave Friouato : The cave located about 30 km south of the city of Taza.

The farthest explored known point is about 272 meters, but its real limits are still mysterious.

However, experts believe that its ends stretch to about 6 kilometers.

There are also signs of an underground river that is believed to flow near the Grottes of Chiker.

Visit the National Park of Tazekka: The Tazekka National Park was created in 1950 with an initial area of 6.8 km².

It was created to protect the natural resources at the top from the mountain Jbel Tazekka 1980m in altitude which dominates the surrounding area;  particularly the grove of cedars (Cedrus atlantica).

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